Escallonia 'Iveyi'


The hardy Escallonia ‘Iveyi’, a vigorous evergreen shrub, is the product of an accidental crossing between Escallonia bifida and Escallonia x exoniensis.
It has a round form, grows to between 2 and 3 m tall and is very useful in cold gardens. The tops of the leaves are a glossy dark green, the undersides are dull green, and there are tiny serrations around the edges. It is excellent for hedges, topiaries and standards.
When do they bloom?
E. ‘Iveyi’ produces clusters of fragrant, bell-shaped white flowers in abundance during summer and autumn.
Most suitable climate
It is ideal for very cold regions, but also grows in warm dry areas where it needs more water. It is wind resistant on the coast. It is not suitable for subtropical climates with high humidity.
What they need
Location: full sun, although a relatively small amount of shade is tolerated.
Soil: any compost-enriched soil is suitable.
Water: medium water consumption. Water deeply on a regular basis in summer.
Fertilizing and pruning: applying slow-release 3:1:5 regularly from August to April ensures lush and healthy growth year round. Prune in spring to keep plants neat and to encourage new growth before the flowering season in summer.
In a nutshell
* Good for background shrubs, screens and hedges.
* Shiny, dark foliage and snow white flowers.
* Easy grower.
* Suitable for very cold gardens.

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