Heteropyxis natalensis

Lavender tree


The lavender tree has a neat, small crown with pendant, shiny, dark-green leaves that turn yellow and later rusty-red in autumn before they fall. Although this tree is deciduous, it may be semideciduous in subtropical climates.

The leaves have a subtle lavender scent when crushed and small, scented, cream-colored flowers appear in late summer towards autumn.
Cultivation: Frost-sensitive, it is advisable to protect young trees in winter. Slow-growing, plant it in a sunny spot and water it moderately.
Key attraction: The bark of the lavender tree is biscuit-coloured with cream to tan flecks or ‘growths’. It peels off regularly and the trunks are twisted and bent, sometimes in a graceful ‘oriental’ manner. The scented leaves will always be a talking point.
•Height and width: 5m x 4m
•Form: rounded crown

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