Mandevilla x amabilis

Mandevilla Pink Parfait


Mandevillas (formerly Dipladenia) are amongst the most free flowering of all the ornamental climbers.
Mandevilla x amabilis ‘Pink Parfait’ has with distinctive, double petalled, tubular flowers. Copious amounts of flower buds held in racemes of twenty or more blooms seem to carry on for month after month. An unusual attribute of ‘Pink Parfait’ is that the flowers have a noticeable gentle fragrance, something that’s absent in most other Mandevillas. Plant this spectacular climbing plant in a sunny position protected from strong winds and make sure that there is free air movement around the growth area and a strong support structure. They do not enjoy being positioned against hot reflective walls. Loamy or sandy soils that drain well are preferable. Regular, monthly applications of a fertiliser rich in potassium (K) enhances the quality of the blooms. Prune back woody plants in September and prune back hard to knee height every two to three years.

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