Propagating Vygies

January is the ideal month to propagate perennial vygies from cuttings.
What To Do

Step 1: Take cuttings of about 8-10cm long from healthy stems with semi-mature – not too woody – growth.








 Step 2: Remove most of the succulent leaves at the bottom end of the cutting and dip it into hormonal rooting powder which is available from most nurseries.








Step 3: Fill a large seed tray with commercial seedling mix or potting soil, to which a little coarse river sand has been added. The medium must be coarse and welldraining. Use an old pencil or small stick to make holes in the soil before inserting the cuttings.







Step 4: Fill the tray with neat rows of cuttings, tamping them down firmly into the soil mix.








Step 5: Water them gently using a watering can with a rose head. Place the tray in a warm and lightly shaded spot. Keep the soil medium just moist – be careful not to over water it – until the vygies are well-rooted. At this stage it’s a good idea to feed them with a growth stimulant such as Kelpak. They can be planted out into individual containers as soon as you notice strong, new growth.



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