File Your Seeds!

We love this idea, of making your own seed strips and storing them in a file. Seed tapes or seed strips are a great way to plant seeds, especially ones that are very small and difficult to handle

You need:

  • Maizena or flour
  • Water
  • Squeezie bottle (like an old tomato sauce bottle)
  • Paper towel
  • Seeds


Bowl, scissors, spoon
To Do:

1. Cut strips of paper towel, about 3cm wide.

2. Mix flour and water to make a thin paste.

3. Pour the thin paste into the squeezie bottle. Then squeeze a bead of paste every few centimetres (or however far apart you need the seeds planted).

4. Pop a seed or two onto each bead.

5. Put another strip of paper towel on top of the first, making a little paper/glue sandwich.

6. When the paste has dried (which happens very quickly!), store the strips in plastic sleeves in a file, along with the seed packet so that you know the instructions.

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The Gardener