Tanks you don’t have to hide

Here’s proof that rain-water tanks don’t have to be ugly!

Spring may be here, which means warmer temperatures, faster plant growth and time to hit the pool. All of this means that water consumption is about to go up, and we don’t know when the spring and summer rains will arrive. An obvious thing to get done now is the installation of a rain-water storage tank, but most of them aren’t exactly pretty… Here’s the solution that we found: water tanks made of corrugated iron by RainQueen.

We’ve already featured RainQueen’s beautiful range of corrugated container planters and compost containers, but their tanks are perhaps even more striking and useful. They’re a great alternative to the plastic tanks as they are very strong, fireproof, safe for drinking water, resistant to sunlight and will never break down. Above all, they are good looking enough to actually be a feature in your garden or alongside your home, and you can have custom sizes made too. Off-the-shelf sizes range from 265-litres all the way up to 10 000-litres.

Another great idea is water-tank sleeves. If you have an existing plastic water tank that is a bit of an eye-sore, you can buy a corrugated iron ‘sleeve’ to fit over it, hiding it and protecting it from the elements.

And if you’d like something more rustic and rural for your large garden or smallholding, how about an open ‘reservoir’ that looks as though it comes straight off a Karoo farm? RainQueen makes these too, also in a range of sizes, and you can even have a peaked roof on top.

Finally, RainQueen has a range of beautiful corrugated iron swimming pools that combine the practical and inexpensive attraction of an instant, above-the-ground swimming pool with the classy aesthetics of a farm reservoir. We love them, and you could also build them into a deck. They’re 1.5m high and up to 5m in diameter, and come lined with PVC.