dividing agapanthus

Dividing Agapanthus

Although agapanthus don’t mind being a tad overcrowded, they will in time lose their natural vigour and will need to be divided and replanted – an added bonus is that this will also give you a lot more of them. Since the flowering peak of most is over, now is a good time to start dividing agapanthus.

Dividing Agapanthus:

  • To make the job easier, water your agapanthus patch the night before.
  • Use a garden fork to lift up the clumps – you might need a helper with another fork to assist you.
  • Shake the old soil from the roots and gently tease the individual plants apart from each other.
  • Clean up the divided plants, removing old leaves and accumulated debris, and cut across all leaves about 8 – 15cm above their bases.
  • Also remove old fleshy roots and shorten the remaining ones.
  • Keep the divisions shaded while preparing to replant them by prepping the soil with ample compost, bonemeal and a general purpose slow-release fertiliser.
  • Replant, and water them deeply.
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