Air Plants

caring for air plants

Caring for Air Plants

November 22, 2021 11:51 am Published by

They cannot live on air alone! Caring for air plants is simple! The misconception that tillandsias survive on air alone…

air plants

Our Air Plant Picks

November 9, 2021 9:46 pm Published by

Choose the right air plants for you. Last month we discussed the Tillandsia genus – what it consists of, where…

air plants

Living From the Air

November 8, 2021 8:59 pm Published by

Air plants, air ferns, oxygen plants, tillandsias, Spanish moss, old man’s beard, air bromeliad… These are all names commonly used…

Air Plant Myths Busted

March 19, 2020 1:41 pm Published by

Air plants are becoming increasingly popular and are a great addition to your home or garden, but they are often…

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