Dividing Airplants – Tillandsia

If your Tillandsia are growing well it might be time to divide them to create a bigger and more professional display.

What you Need

  • Saw
  • Drill with 5mm – 7mm wood drill bit
  • Binding wire
  • Pliers
  • Segments of branches about 20cm long
  • Knee-high stockings cut into strips
  • Secateurs

1. Cut the branches to the desired length.

2. Drill a hole through one end of each, approximately 2cm from the end.

3. Cut a piece of the binding wire and feed it through the drilled hole.

4. Twist the ends of the wire to secure a loop.

5. Divide your Tillandsia using a sharp pair of clean secateurs.

6. Place the Tillandsia on the bark facing upwards and attach the plant using the stocking strips as ties.


Things to Remember

  • Be cautious not to divide the plant into pieces that are too small, as the plant’s recovery will be much slower.
  • Remember to spritz the plant with a diluted liquid plant food once it is attached to the wood. Do this regularly.
  • In a few weeks the plant roots would have attached to the bark and the stocking can be removed, if desired, although it is recommend that the stocking be left on the plant as it will stretch as the plant grows, causing no harm, and will in time decay and fall off.
The Gardener