Bromelia Aechmea

Urn Plant

Bromelia Aechmea

The benefits of displaying indoor plants in our homes are huge. Plants are a décor tool, moisturiser, therapist, climate improver and detoxifier in a pot. Everybody loves a fresh display of green and healthy plants but there are those among us who have a difficult time with pot plants.

The Bromelia Aechmea is an unusual urn-shaped plant and has soft grey-green leaves powdered with silver. It bears one large spiky pink flower, which can last for many weeks. The clear lines of the plant suit it to a contemporary home. Select a pot in pewter tones to enhance the colouring of the wide grey leaves.

Care of your Bromelia Aechmea

The leaves come together in the centre of the plant to form a well, which should be kept filled with water at all times. Keep the soil moist, from spring to autumn. Cut back on watering in winter. Feed with weak liquid fertiliser occasionally.

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