Burchellia Bubalina – Wild Pomegranate

wild pomegranate

The Wild Pomegranate is a neat growing shrub, up to 2.5 m in height, with beautiful dark green glossy leaves. The flowers are borne in clusters, are tubular in shape and bright orange in colour. This shrub begins flowering in September and continues through to January. It prefers to grow in gardens that are frost-free and receive abundant rainfall but will grow happily on the Highveld if protected from the cold.

This is a versatile shrub that will grow in full sun, semi-shade or full shade. Burchellia, or Wild Pomegranate, also does well as a container plant on the patio. It is an excellent small shrub for the bird garden, attracting sun birds and nectar loving birds. If this shrub is well watered and fed it will provide the gardener with beautiful flowers from an early age.