Save space (and your back) with a raised planter

Raised planter

Well made the most of the large capacity of the Elho Grow Table by packing in a diverse selection of plants in this raised planter. We started with a few Bok Choi and Mizuna plants (both great for stir-fries), some dependable Swiss Chard, then we squeezed in a cherry tomato plant and filled in with Dianthus, which has edible flowers that can be added to salads or to stir fries, just before serving.

A raised planter is a great answer to the eternal problem of growing a bunch of plants in a small space. This long-legged planter also gives space for storage beneath it, allowing you to keep things like watering cans out of the way. The resin construction means that it is durable but not unnecessarily heavy, so it can be moved around the patio should you need to.

Another benefit is that it lifts the plants up off the ground, alleviating back fatigue when you’re tending to your plants or harvesting. An interesting design feature of the Elho Grow Table is that the legs are hollow and part of the container. We filled them with stones for additional stability and to improve drainage, as the drainage holes are at the bottom of the legs.

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