stackable composter

Stackable Composter

While composters come in all shapes and sizes, this stackable composter is one of the easiest to use, and it is also sturdy and practical.

The multiple tiers of this stackable composter make it simple to maintain your compost heap, and you could also add a lid to make it waterproof. Importantly, it is also cheap and easy to make in a day from standard treated wood.

What you need

Cutting list for CCA-treated fencing slats (for four composter tiers)

  • 16 x 600mm x 75mm x 22mm – longer sides
  • 16 x 555mm x 75mm x 22mm – shorter sides
  • 16 x 180mm x 75mm x 22mm – legs
  • 2 x 505mm x 22mm x 22mm – longer cleats for wire
  • 2 x 400mm x 22mm x 22mm – shorter cleats for wire 128 full-thread cut screws (40mm x 4mm) 550mm x 550mm sieve wire


Hand saw, tape measure, pencil, combination square, cordless drill with square driver bit, clamp

This clever composter grows with your compost heap to keep everything neat.
  1. Measure and cut all the timber as per the cutting list.
  1. Take two of the shorter sides and lay them on a flat surface, long edges flush. Use an offcut of the 22mm timber as a spacer from the top edge and position a leg piece below it. Screw the leg in place. Do the same on the other side. Repeat this step until you have eight short sides with legs.
  1. Clamp the completed leg section to a work surface. Screw two of the longer side pieces to each end of the leg section, keeping them flush.
  1. Clamp another leg section to the worksurface and screw the completed framework to this, edges flush. Repeat the previous steps until you have made four complete boxes.
  1. To make the bottom tier, screw the cleats onto the frame, flush with the top of the legs.
  1. Place the sieve wire in place. (This helps with ventilation of your compost.)
  1. The boxes are ready to stack. Start with the base and one tier. When that first tier is full add another, and so on. If you run out of space you can always make more tiers, or another whole composter.
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