DIY your Christmas tree

A Christmas tree can be as elaborate as a pine tree stuffed with decorations and blinking lights or as simple as a drawing on a chalkboard – whatever suits you. Get creative and design your own, or make this one.

What you need
Pine cut to:

Base box

  • 1 x 400mm x 200mm x 20mm
  • 2 x 400mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • Tree branches and support
  • 1 x 700mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • (back support)
  • 1 x 630mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • 1 x 510mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • 1 x 390mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • 1 x 280mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • 1 x 200mm x 90mm x 20mm plank
  • 1 x 90mm x 90mm x 20mm plank


  • 1 x 400mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • 1 x 300mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • 1 x 150mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • 3.5mm x 41mm wood screws
  • Rust-Oleum Chalked paint (Aged Grey)
  • Water in small container


Cordless drill and Phillips drill bit, paintbrush, 100-grit sandpaper

1. Place two of the box sides underneath the base box top and secure from the top with screws.

2. Cut all plank ends that will form branches at a 30° angle and sand till smooth.

3. Place the ‘branches’ on a flat surface and use scrap wood to evenly space them out.

4. Cut the back supporting plank into a point on one end. Place the back supporting plank on top of the branches and screw it to them, using two screws for each ‘branch’.

5. Place the shelves between two horizontal planks and screw them to the back supporting plank.

6. Attach the completed tree to the back of base box with screws.

7. Dilute the paint by decanting some into a container and adding a little water until it reaches the consistency you’re after, which should be a watery wash. Paint this wash onto the structure.

8. Let dry and decorate.

The Gardener