Surprise Spring Pot

July is a great time to plant up pots and containers for a spring pot display of the highest order. By doing this early you give the plants time to grow and settle in before spring arrives, ensuring they’re ready to burst into full bloom as temperatures rise.

Mixed plantings have become popular of late, creating far more impact than a solitary plant growing lonely and alone in a pot. This wide-bellied terracotta pot has been filled to the brim with a selection of winter and spring annuals and perennials. There is a lovely mixture of tall-growing, wide-spreading, cascading and foliage plants all put together in perfect harmony.

The background plants are Dianthus ‘Sweet Coral’ and the ornamental cabbage called Kale ‘White Pigeon’. The foreground is filled with Osteospermum ‘Serenity Lemonade’, Verbena ‘Aztec Violet Wink’ and Calibrachoa ‘Can-Can Orange’. There are numerous different colours of all of these plants, providing a seemingly endless palette of beautiful components for such combination plantings.

All of these plants need full sun and regular feeding every two weeks with a water-soluble plant food with a 3:1:6 formulation. Remember to deadhead the spent flowers to encourage a longer flowering period. Once the plants have come to the end of their performance, remove them and plant up the pot with a selection of summer- and autumn-flowering plants. This ensures a constant change in the garden scene that emphasises the seasonal aspect of life on planet Earth. Plant a spring pot surprise.

Spring Pot: Planting Hints and Tips
• Ensure that there are adequate drainage holes in the base of the pot.
• Use proper commercially produced potting soil or growing medium.
• Add fertiliser at the recommended rate to the soil before planting.
• Plant the individual plants at the same depth as they were growing in the nursery containers. Do not bury them too deeply.
• Water thoroughly immediately after planting.


1.Verbena ‘Aztec Violet Wink’

Spring Pot

2.Calibrachoa ‘Can-Can Orange’

Spring Pot

3.Dianthus ‘Sweet Coral’

Spring Pot

4.Kale ‘White Pigeon’

5.Osteospermum ‘Serenity Lemonade’

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