We ♥ flowers!

Use your Fragram tools to make a heart flower display this Valentine’s Day!

You will need (for one heart display):

Recycled timber cut to:

5 x 16mm x 95mm x 450mm

1 x 450mm x 450mm piece of 9mm plywood

A pack of 20mm wood screws

1 x 46 – 70mm hose clamp

1 x glass bottle

Red or white paint/spray-paint

Wood glue


Tools: Jigsaw, cordless drill and 6mm wood drill bit, sander, screwdriver, carpenter’s pencil, tape measure, paint brush, piece of paper/template, scissors

We used these Fragram tools for this DIY: 

400W Jigsaw

18V Cordless Drill

200W 3-in-1 Multisander

6-Piece Screwdriver Set

How to do it:

  1. Glue and screw the 450mm lengths of timber to the plywood square and leave to dry. (Screw from the plywood side, so the screws won’t be visible in the final product.)
  2. Draw a heart on a piece of paper, 450mm x 450mm in size. (If your paper isn’t big enough, draw just one side of a heart and use this template twice, or visit our website and download a printable 1/2-heart template.) Cut out the heart.
  3. Use the paper heart as a template and trace around the edge onto the plywood.
  4. Using the Fragram 400W Jigsaw, cut out the wooden heart, making sure that there aren’t any screws on your cutting line.
  5. Sand the heart with the Fragram 200W 3-in-1 Multisander.
  6. Drill two 6mm holes, one at the top of each of the heart’s lobes.
  7. Paint the wooden heart in the colour of your choice.
  8. Thread a piece of Fragram Twine through each hole and tie off, making loops.
  9. Screw the hose clamp to the wooden heart, in the centre.
  10. Slip the bottle lip into the hose clamp and tighten with a screwdriver.
  11. Hang up, or place on a table, fill the bottle with water and display your favourite flowers. We used dahlias, echinaceas and Queen Anne’s lace.

Double up!

We made two identical hearts and then painted one in traditional Valentine’s Day red and the other white.

Win with Fragram!

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