Light Up The Shade With Colour

From hot pink, shades of red and pure white come a new range of Impatiens walleriana called ‘Glimmer’.

This shimmering range of hybrids have all the glamour of good old-fashioned impatiens with none of the old downy mildew problems of old. They are beautiful double impatiens in the brightest of colours for shade and semi-shade. They have a mounding habit and flower from spring right through summer. Plant in garden beds, but they are also very good in pots or hanging baskets for shady patios. The plants are covered in blooms and there is no need to deadhead, just enjoy the blaze of colour. They prefer warmer regions and will grow about 30cm wide x 40cm in height.

Impatiens Care

  • Plant in rich, moist, well-draining soil.
  • They need plenty of water and will not do well if not watered enough. If you see them droop, they need a more regular watering schedule.
  •  Feed every 2 weeks with a liquid fertiliser in the spring and summer to keep them blooming and healthy.

Why The Name Impatiens?

It is believed that the term impatiens comes from the plant’s impatience to spread its seed. One of the best plants in the garden is the impatiens for a bit of fun, as it will pop open its seed pods at the slightest touch, an enjoyable game for children and adults alike.

‘Beacon’ Impatiens

Bright red, salmon, white, violet, orange and coral are just some of the colours available in the disease-resistant ‘Beacon’ range of impatiens. They love a shady or semi-shady bed where they can mound to around 30cm and produce loads of pretty flowers. Water regularly but don’t overwater for the best results.

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