A Gallery of Silver

Lees in Afrikaans

Silver- or grey-leaved garden plants are mainly planted because of their functionality – they are mostly heat and drought tolerant due to hairy or waxy leaf surfaces and their ability to reflect sunlight and prevent water loss. But there is another reason to fill your garden with a lot of silver-foliaged plants and to combine them with light yellow, cream and white flowers – fashion!

Extend the time you spend in your garden by planting a ‘moonlight’ look with plants that don’t disappear in the dark, but rather come to the forefront. We picked out some stalwart silver-foliaged plants to create that magical, mystical atmosphere by the light of the full moon.

Dichondra ‘Silver falls’

silver-foliaged plants
  • A ‘dramatic’ ground cover with a cascading habit.
  • Thin stems are sparsely clothed in round silvery-white leaves, about 1cm in diameter, and hang down like drapes or curtains from pots and hanging baskets, looking almost like strings of silver beads.
  • It can also be grown as a contrasting, carpet-like ground cover in full sun.
  • Cold resistant, but has also proved successful in the sub-tropics.

Einadia Hastata (Salt Bush)

silver-foliaged plants salt bush
  • Widely used as an evergreen filler plant and for hedging.
  • These beautiful silver-foliaged plants, which can sometimes turn a rusty shade of red, and white stems always attract the eye, especially if a little rain has fallen and new growth is produced.
  • This is a fast grower and a hardy coastal plant that can be pruned into virtually any formal shape.
  • Mature size is about 1.5m x 2m.

Stachys Byzantina (Lamb’s Ears)

silver-foliaged plants lamb's ear
  • Mat-forming groundcover with soft and woolly oblong silver leaves.
  • The purple flowers appearing in summer should actually be removed to keep the foliage lush.
  • Perfect on the foreground of borders.
  • Extremely hardy.