Awesome Autumn

We’ve made a list of gardening goodies that are sure to bring you an amazing autumn season.

Safe and easy-to-use fly traps

Keep flies under control with Protek’s reusable and disposable Flyzone traps and bait. They contain a non-toxic, organic protein bait that is safe to use. The attractant is activated when water is added to the bag. Lured by the scent, flies enter the trap through the top cap and drown in the water.


Easy nutrients for potted plants

Starke Ayres Nutri Stix is a plantfood stick with highly nutritive elements to nourish plants during the autumn into winter. The plant-food sticks should be inserted completely into the soil between the plant and the edge of the pot. The sticks dissolve and provide plants with the necessary nutrients.



One of the finest coco substrates to grow your crops, CANNA Coco Professional Plus is washed and buffered to ensure a perfect substrate. It is free from soil diseases and has an excellent water/air system, providing ideal conditions for rapid development of plants. Available in loose coco or a compressed brick.


New tech in compound mitre saws

The Kapex Sliding Compound Mitre Saws from Festool take mitre saws to a new level with new technology including variable speed, wide-spaced rails to add stability, and a magnesium alloy base that makes it lightweight. There are two options available, the KS 60 and KS 120. These will allow users to measure and cut inside and outside corners without complex calculations. These sliding compound mitre saws offer great features and value.


New pest and disease controls

Makhro Home and Garden has launched some new products to sort out those pesky pests and diseases in the garden. Because certain pests might have developed resistance against your currently overused insecticide, it is time for a change. Mikka is an organophosphate, making it the perfect solution to re-establish complete control of various insects on your ornamentals and roses and in flower gardens.

Halo is a granular weedkiller in conveniently pre-measured packaging, and has the ability to control nutsedge and other types of broadleaf weeds.

Sulfostar is an excellent product certified for organic farming (or gardening). Its low toxicity is not harmful to bees and natural predators such as predatory mites and ladybirds. Still, it provides control of various fungal diseases as well as certain mites and thrips.


New herbs for autumn

Just in time for autumn, MayFord is releasing the first batch of several new herb varieties. Check out:

  • Garden Rocket – milder than our pungent Wild Rocket and one of the easiest, fastest foods to grow. Perfect in pesto, delicious in dips, perfect on pizza, and the slightly peppery flavour aids digestion.
  • Catnip – an extreme treat for cats! When they sniff, lick, rub or roll on the leaves, they release aromatic oils that produce a euphoric or calming effect. Catnip: the ‘happy pill’ for cats!
  • English lavender – this herb has many culinary uses and makes a stunning fragrant addition to borders, providing sweeping drifts of colour from early summer into autumn. It is also ideal for creating informal hedges and may be harvested for fragrant vase arrangements, sachets and potpourri.


Avo ripening bag

Grow Veggies has launched the Avocado Ripening Bag, which makes ripening avos easy and gets it done in half the time. The hormone ethylene, which ripens avos and bananas, is trapped in the fibres of the bag and gets to work immediately to ripen what is in the bag. An added attraction is that the bag is made from recycled plastic. To order email geoff@ thetradepost.co.za

Winter flower mega packs

Mayford recently launched their new mega pack range of winter flowers with new easyto-see indicators, including ‘Throw & Sow’ (indicating easy to sow), ‘Waterwise’ (low water user), ‘Indigenous’, ‘Bee Friendly’ (attractive to pollinators), ‘Cut Flower’ (good for the vase), as well as ‘Enough for’ 5m2 . The sowing instructions have been revamped on the back of the packet to show how to measure out the square metres of the sowing area. Look out for these at your local garden centre.


Safe and effective ant traps

AnTrap® is a readyto-use ant trap with bait for indoor and outdoor use. The unique formulation eradicates the entire nest, including the queen. The two 10g traps offer easy and safe application as there is no contact with the insecticide. They provide up to two months control.


Highly effective fertiliser

Guanoflo is a certified organic fertiliser made from seabird guano. It supplies your plants with macro and micro nutrients and improves carbon levels in the soil. Dilute one litre of Guanoflo in 40 litres of water and apply weekly to all plants, directly to the soil or as a foliar feed.


Make and win!

What’s more fun than an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids! Stand a chance to win this awesome Easter Bunny Basket or the Fragram tools we used to make it. Click here to see the DIY and find out how to enter the competition here.

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