gaillardia galya

Gaillardia Galya

Wild Fire Blanket Flower

gaillardia galya

Gaillardia or Blanket Flowers, are perennial daisies. They are valued for their extended flowering season, blooming from early spring until late summer. The plants consist of low-growing, light-green foliage, and bear upright stems with large daisy-type flowers, most commonly in shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.

Gaillardia are hardy and require little maintenance once established. They are stunning in meadow gardens, rockeries, or used as filler or border plants. They are attractive to bees and butterflies and regular removal of the faded flowers will encourage constant blooming.

gaillardia galya

Gaillardia Galya offers a new range of single-flowering varieties. Flowers are produced in profusion on each individual plant – resulting in a stunning ball of colour in the garden. The continuous flowering of this series ensures the colour will last for months.

Gaillardia Galya is available with a variety of different orange, yellow and red blooms. Select your favourite one in-store!

Top attributes

•   Long flowering season
•   Drought and heat tolerance
•   Attract butterflies and insects to the garden
•   Spectacular range of autumn colours

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