All-in-one lawn maintenance!

Lawn maintenance can be quite a chore at this time of year, with the grass growing faster than we can cut it. This is such a blessing though, because nothing makes a home look smarter than a beautiful, manicured lawn surrounding it. Make the lawn load a little lighter with the BLACK+DECKER Lithium-ion Cordless 3-IN-1 Strimmer® Grass Trimmer.

Heavy lawnmowers are so unnecessary, especially for small townhouse gardens. Not only are they difficult and tiring to use, but you also need to find somewhere to store them between cuttings. BLACK+DECKER has a brilliant solution for small-space gardeners that will take the grunt work out of lawn mowing.

As the name suggests, the 3-IN-1 Strimmer® Grass Trimmer is three lawn-maintenance tools in one handy package: a string trimmer, an edger and a lawn mower. The base tool is the strimmer, which has a 28cm cutting swath and a high-torque e-drive gear system that allows it to cut through tall grass and overgrown areas without any trouble. It is powered by the BLAC+DECKER 18V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery technology for long-lasting, fade-free power, without the hassle of a cord.

If you need edging done, simply flip the strimmer over and use the precision guide wheel to neatly edge for perfect lawn and flower bed edges.

The biggest bonus of this combo has to be the lightweight wheeled base, which you can use to convert the strimmer into a small lawnmower. Easily click the strimmer into the base and you have a small lawnmower that can consistently cut your lawn in no time at all. And the height of the cut can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The weight of the system is a surprising 2.6kg, while the telescopic shaft of the strimmer allows for people of different heights to use the machine. The strimmer also features automatic feed of the 1.6mm cutting line for ease of use, and this is easily replaceable at any good home and garden centre.

The 3-IN-1 Strimmer® Grass Trimmer comes as a complete, ready-to-use system, including an 18V battery and charger. This battery and charger form the base of the BLACK+DECKER POWERCONNECT range, which means that they are compatible with an extensive range of garden and DIY tools. Once you have entry into this system through the 3-IN-1 Strimmer® Grass Trimmer combo, you can buy other tools without the battery or charger, making ownership more convenient and cost effective. Other tools in the range are a 18V cordless leaf blower, chainsaw, drill, vacuum cleaner and more.

Click here for more information on the BLACK+DECKER 18V POWERCONNECT range.

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