autumn leaves

Ways With Autumn Leaves

Fallen autumn leaves may mean a bit more work, but they are free and make good compost or mulch. Here is what to do:

Make mulch with autumn leaves

Rake up any fallen leaves on the lawn and go over the pile with your lawnmower with the blades set on high. Make sure the grass is dry. Gather the cut leaves and use as mulch in your garden.

Make a leaf bag

Gather together four wooden stakes and a few refuse bags. Place the four stakes into the ground and pop a refuse bag over the stakes to create a ‘dustbin’. Fire up a blower or grab a rake and collect fallen leaves, adding them to the bin. When the bag is full, tie it closed and fill another one until all your leaves are used up or all your bags are full. Store the bags of leaves in a dark place over winter. The leaves will break down into beautiful compost and be ready to use in the garden in spring and summer.

Garden bed prep for spring

Beds that are not being used during winter can be prepared for spring by digging in plenty of compost, manure and organic material such as leaf mould, then covered with a layer of leaf mulch. When spring comes round the will be ready for spring planting.

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